Why MivaWeb?

  • design
    Clear, simple and effective designs
  • conviviabilite
    Unique focus on usability
  • modulaire
    Modular, pluggable and extensible
  • elastique
    Elasticity Mobile, Tablet and desktop
  • socialconn
    Seamless integration with social networks
  • wordpress
    WordPress customized and effective
  • extensions
    Hundreds of custom extensions
  • createextensions
    We build extensions on request
  • cloudsmall
    High availability Cloud hosting
  • espace
    Minimum 1GB extrensible space for your site
  • security
    Secured and guaranteed codes
  • support24
    Top Notch Support
  • k2
    Superior performance with our own K2 algorithm
  • seosmall
    SEO with Djinam, Google and Bing
  • commerce
    E-commerce add-on for online shops
  • promotion
    Instant promotion on Mivasocial & Djinam